Today in Budgieopolis…

…a visit from a Sir

Yep ,Sir Wiggy decided to grace me with his presence whilst I was crocheting πŸ™‚

He is quite a little entertaining budgie bless him!


Today in Budgieopolis…

…a diagnosis!

Yes, Alfie has Trichomoniasis. Bad news was on Monday of last week I thought we were about to lose him after he was motionless at the bottom of the cage and provided this lot


What a nightmare!Β  I was horrified and even morso he started to do it again there in front of me :-/

But as luck would have it I managed to get an appointment for the vet that morning and sorted him out straight away with painkilling drug Metcam mixed with glucose and antibiotic known as Metronidazole.

He didn’t like that too much but the side of his face was so sore and swollen he needed all he could get.

I am only sharing this video below so any of you (god forbid) experience this with your birds you will know what it is and how it can be treated.

I was also advised I MUST separate the sick bird away from the others and clean their cage and all items containedΒ  thoroughly with disinfectant and give them a course of Tricho Plus to prevent them from contracting this HIGHLY contagious condition.

But after 3 days and I mean only 3 days the improvements was UNBELIEVABLE!

Here is the little scamp now πŸ˜€

Mummy kindly cleaned my face feathers for me

Mummy kindly cleaned my face feathers for me

After a check up visit yesterday, we came away with another weeks worth of meds and that should be it.

Hopefully we are well on the way…fingers and wings crossed πŸ˜‰

Today in Budgieopolis…

…signs of improvement!

Alfie has put on a bit of weight! YAYYYY! A whole 2g! So he is now 44g
No more regurgitating or neck straining and he is eating really well.

AND…had a call from Lara the Vet yesterday and had quite a long conversation

But good news there too! She has reported that Alfie’s faecal sample was completely clear! So it does seem like something behavioural related (as he could be being bullied by the others…mmmmm SLIGHT possibility) or my theory of iodine deficiency. We had a long chat and she seems to recommend getting his weight up then introduce him back to the rest of the gang and medicate all with Avipro as this should have sufficient amount of vits, minerals and importantly iodine in.

She did also recommend Harrison’s bird food but I need to research that some as I need to make sure it wont make Murph put on any more weight as my yellow and green fat boy slim still weighs a wopping 72g?!

Oh the JOYS of budgie keeping!

Still not out of the woods yet (much to Alfie’s annoyance) but we are getting there πŸ˜‰
Can I go home yet?

Can I go home yet?

Today in Budgieopolis….

….busy, busy, busy πŸ˜›

Its all been happening!Β  Long story short, our little blue guy hasn’t been well and we have been trying to determine what is wrong with him.

Turns out I think we have cracked it – although we have taken him to the vet and the vet has requested 3 days with of faecal samples, we have diagnosed a possible iodine deficiency.Β  How did we come to this conclusion?

  • Weight loss
  • Not eating properly despite it looking like he was eating
  • Light green & wet droppings
  • Neck feathers growing in odd angles
  • Showing possible sign of goitre?
  • Sleeping more
  • Fluffed and lethargic

20150821_101219We started this treatment 2 days before we had the appointment to see the vet.Β  We had to make a stock solution of 2ml Lugols Iodine into 30mls of water and then 1 drop of stock solution into 250mls of water for consumption every day.

The results have been amazing!Β  So when I receive a call from the vets next week with Alfie’s faecal results I hope to discuss how we continue his treatment.

Here is the little tyke having his best friend come to visit him in hospital


20150823_104845And Murph has realise he can try and help Alfie out with eating his millet πŸ˜›

Look at my baby all grown up and now getting better

Alfie 2Will update on call with the Exotic Avian Vet next week

Keeping wings crossed!

Today in Budgieopolis…

…all hell breaks lose!

Haven’t posted for a while as been dealing with all sorts of things.Β  A little bit of bad but a little good too.

So to cut to the chase, our Sir Wiggy hasn’t been very well as I noticed he had a swollen eyelid:



So after attempting to treat with Goldeneye ointment he then rubbed his eye to the point that made it look like a lutino’s red eye?!

So off to the vet we went.Β  Am happy to report that after some eye drops he is now back to his normal cheeky self bossing everyone else about πŸ˜€

But then, uppon seeing all my boys preening I noticed Alfie had a cyst (possibly a feather cyst) on his rump



Upon discussing Alfie’s options with an experienced breeder we have tied off the offending lump to wait till it drops off.Β  Hopefully it shouldn’t affect his preen gland.

Will update more info as it develops.

But for a nice thing to end on, I have taken up cross stitch recently…..and the choice of picture to do?

You guessed it πŸ™‚

5zl8rcKinda reminds me of Alfie before he became a little s%”t!

Happy days huh?

Today in Budgieopolis…

…a true gentleman

A thing I find most endearing about our Wiggy is he has always had a very gentlemanly way about him.

I know all budgies have their different personalities but how would you describe them to someone who didn’t own budgies?

Doesn’t he step up so graciously?
Well, he has been given a title after all
The Perfect Gent